Satisifed Customers

Don Barnetts awesome Firebird Formula is powered by a Fonse machined  400 small block chevrolet with a vortech supercharger.  Don Barnett and Ron Rhodes do all the engine assembly and chassis work to get the 3300 lb. Firbird to go  7.68 @ 181 mph quarter mile times.  Fonse Performance is proud to sponsor Don for the […]

Ray Wallis’s beautiful 1971 chevelle is powered by a Fonse 555 cui. big block Chevrolet engine that made 847 Hp @ 7500 rpm.  The chevelle is a street car that runs well in to the low 9 second quarter mile times.  Ray uses a turbo 400 transmission and a 12 bolt rear to put the […]

Doug Foley’s Top Fuel dragster. Fonse Performance was respsonsible for all the machining on all of the top fuel engines for the Foley & Lewis dragster.

Rich’s 1968 camaro is powered by a Fonse built 427 cubic inch small block Chevrolet.  The engine made 647 horspower @ 7000 rpm.  Rich currently drives the camaro on the street and occasionally to the strip.

Harry Gerbs beuatiful 1968 Firebird is powered by a Fonse machined 498 cubic inch big block Chevrolet engine with the help of a little Nitrous Harry is a havy contender in the 8.50 index program. We currently proudly sponsor H&J motorsports.   The Firedbird is a one of a kind.

42′ Fountain powered by 3 Fonse Built Procharged Fast Xfi 540 cubinc big block Cheverolets engines. They made 765 hp @ 5600 rpm with 5 lbs of boost using M3-sc Prochargers. Fonse did the rigging and installation.  The boat goes 100 mph with ease.

Bobs boat is a 29′ Activator it is powered with on of our Procharged 632 Fast Xfi Big Block Chevrolet engines that made 1500hp.  The boat goes well over a 100 mph !

Mike Quinns 1993 chevrolet camaro powered by a Fonse 548 cubic inch big block Chevrolet engine.  The engine is designed for pump gas and makes its power with the help of a 6×71 SuperCharger with a pair of 950 cfm carburetors.  The engine made 847 HP @ 6200 rpm and 887 lbs of Tq a@ […]

All Motor 632 cubic inches of power.  We made 1085 hp and 861 tq using a conventional cylinder head.  The car weighs 3050 lbs and will run low 8’s second quarter mile times over 170 mph.  The engine is driven though a Lenco drive 4 speed transmission.  The engine is drive by a FAST XFI engine […]

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