Mike Quinns 96′ Chevrolet Camaro

Mike Quinns Camaro 1000hp Blown Chevrolet

Mike Quinns 1993 chevrolet camaro powered by a Fonse 548 cubic inch big block Chevrolet engine.  The engine is designed for pump gas and makes its power with the help of a 6×71 SuperCharger with a pair of 950 cfm carburetors.  The engine made 847 HP @ 6200 rpm and 887 lbs of Tq a@ 4000 rpm with 5lbs of boost.  At 10 lbs of boost it made 1000hp and 950 lbs of tourque.

The car has all stock suspension a Moser 9” rear and and ATI custom built turbo 400 transmission and tourque converter.  The chassis is certified to 8.50.

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