Chassis Dyno Tuning & Testing

Chassis Dyno
Fonse Performance offers testing on our chassis dyno. We use a mustang sd1100e model that has an eddy current absorber. The dyno is capable of over 1500rwhp and also has a 1/4 mile simulator. The 1/4 simulator is usefull for testing air fuel ratios between gear shifts and also to test your upper rpm while going through the traps. Most of the time the time slips are with .2 to .3 of the dyno reading. With the eddy current absorber we are able to do real world vehicle simulation. In other words the vehicle is under a real load. This is extremely help full when tuning for EFI (electronic fuel injection), or chasing a problem with your carburetor.

Either way the chassis dyno is an excellent tool to use for tuning. We also offer tuning for your vehicle for maximum horsepower or maybe we can help you with your set up.

We are able to test rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, and motorcycles.

EFI tuning software we currently support : FAST,  BIG STUFF , SNIPER DELTA FORCE,  HP TUNERS,  SCT ,  DIABLO,  ACCEL,  HOLLEY EFI, JET.  Please call with any questions.

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